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Moving to the Costa Blanca

If you haven't done so already, once you have purchased you Costa Blanca property, you will need to plan the move.

Apart from moving your worldly goods from one country to another and turning your Costa Blanca property into your new home, there are all sorts of other considerations before you can put up your feet up and enjoy the view and laid back atmosphere that is Spain.

Planning your move to the Costa Blanca

  • Residency (Residencia) - British residents do not need a permit to work in Spain. At the moment you need to get a residencia card, NIE tax identification number, if you are working or plan to stay more than 180 days. It isn't compulsory and doesn't denote whether you are a Spanish resident or not for tax purposes, but it can be beneficial when setting up bank accounts or arranging mortgages or loans. It is expected that shortly the Spanish residency card will be abolished for European citizens as it goes against European law.
  • Find a removal company - Get several quotes from companies in your area who specialise in Spain and make sure they have sufficient insurance and provide you with a written quote detailing all charges and any possible extras.
  • Utility Accounts - This is often done by your lawyer when you purchase your property. Once you have bought a property you need set up contracts with local gas, electricity and water companies. Telephone and Internet connections will also need to be arranged.
  • Importing your car - You can import your British car to Spain on British plates and, as a non-resident, drive it for a maximum of six months in any year. Residents must obtain Spanish plates.
  • Drivers license - The british drivers license is valid in Spain and it is no longer a requirement to change it for a Spanish drivers license. The requirement was abolished for European citizens as it goes against European law.
  • Furniture - There is a wide range of furniture shops and showrooms on the Costa Blanca, many sell complete packages to furnish your new Costa Blanca home. Alternatively you can shop around to find bargains or something quite unique.
  • Money - Make sure you bring sufficient money to pay for yourself to live for at least 6 months whilst you establish yourself.
  • Language - It would be a good idea to learn Spanish as soon as possible. Although there are many ex-pats living on the Costa Blanca, you will find that even just a little Spanish can help you get much more out of living on the Costa Blanca.

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